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Let’s go into
the future with chatbots

A chatbot is a service that you interact with via a chat interface. It lives in Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Kik, Slack, Skype and several other platforms. Chatbots work according to a set of rules OR learn as they grow based on AI.

AI or Artificial Intelligence deals with making computers behave like humans. For chatbots it means to react to text queries independent of brand reps.

Nowadays everyone likes messaging. We will help you and your customers to find each other despite of which platform they are using.

Contact us and we will consult you about chatbot development and marketing specially for your company needs.

It’s absolutely free and doesn’t demand any obligations.

150,000+ Brands already use Chatbots. Why?

Chatbots offer brands an opportunity to reach out to an audience and engage them in dialogues that might translate into immediate actions.
Customers are there
No need to download an app for every brand.
Clients would contact the bot via a chat.
Efficient for brands
Fantastic customer acquisition and retention, immediate customer service and automation.
Technology is ready
The technology is mature enough to be able to take over the mass market.

World’s top companies use chatbots
 to reach incredible results

Do you need
one too?

Chatbots are extremely becoming global and constant trend in companies’ communications.
Are they right for your business?  Look how chatbots would be useful for your business:
Hello! I want to order a table for me and my friend
Sure. When are you going to come?
Today at 5:00 PM.
Got it. You want a table for 2 at 5:00 PM today.
What would you like to order?
2 Vella Burgers, please
Got it! Anything else?
No, thanks.

Let customers talk to you!

Every nice company wish their clients to be contented and to feel exclusive. Chatbot for hospitality is the best solution! Contact your client before he even use your service, make dialogue individual, take advantages of knowing the preferences of your client and provide them with great service at the moment they really need it. Also you don’t ned to keep in touch 24/7. Chatbot will perform that job for you.
Hey, my internet connection isn’t working. How can I fix this issue?
Hmm.. Let me check that for you. Have you tried to reload your router?
One moment.
Oh thanks. Everything is okay right now.
You’re welcome!

Make your support immediate

In obedience to Ubisend’s report, over 50% of people examined said it is significant for a company to be accessible , sociable and responsive, promptly all the time. If you don’t have the finances to support a call center, chatbots are the best solution for you. Dont`t make your clients to wait for the answer. Give it instantly! Gather strategic info and know your clients like nobody else!
Hi, I am going to visit Milan this week. Can you change my payment limit to $2.000?
Of course. Your limit will be changed shortly.
Great, show me what is my current balance.
Your balance: $23.000.
And how much did I spend last month?
Your outcome: $2840. Do you want to check more details?
No, thanks.
You’re welcome!

Stop wasting your time and money!

Chatbots are going to change our life radically. Banks have a large opportunity in the development of chatbots to decrease their expenses and refine ergonomics. Chatbots can work for client's convenience, managing multiple accounts, directly checking their bank balance and costs on specific things. Clients can do payments and automated transactions directly via chatbot. There is no need to use any app.
Yo. I wanna black Nike Kaishi sneakers.
Yes, absolutely.
Specify your size please.
Got it! Where should they be delivered, home or office?
Home, please
Thanks for your order. Our courier will contact you shortly.

Personalize your shopping

Chatbots are profitable for e-commerce companies in different ways, and can be used to do the following: refine shopping experience by decreasing wait time (chatbots can afford immediate answers to many of the general questions clients may have when testing products); hold and re-engage clients by sending messages; provide day-and-night support; cutting costs by decreasing the number of chat operators etc.
What is the best TV show of 2016?
According to IMDB rating the best TV show is Game Of Thrones.
What is the movie Dunkirk about?
Dunkirk is an upcoming British epic war film written, co-produced and directed by Christopher Nolan. The story is set in World War II during the Dunkirk evacuation.

Be in touch with world!

Chatbots are nice entertainment. They can keep a customer satisfied and engaged in your project for a long time, and bring them back day by day. The bot's memories and emotions allow them to create emotional and personal communication with your clients. Such kind of chatbots can share stories, jokes, and chat on all sorts of topics. Their main destination is to have friendly, fun conversations.
Hey, I want to book a room in your hotel.
Sure, when are you going to check-in?
And what is your check-out date?
4 January
Great, your room was successfully booked!

Fast Service Delivery

There are some big reasons to accept chatbot technology in hotels. Simplifying your reservation process so that it can be accommodated within a chatbot. Controlling chatbots where there’s a human element – will call for staff resources. Running guest expectations – with a fast messaging service comes expectation of fast turnaround on their demands via chatbots.
See more chatbot use cases on this page
99% cases your business needs a chatbot!
It helps to establish close and efficient communication with customers in messengers (the most popular communication channel nowadays).

Explore some
of our chatbots

In 2-4 years (or even less) messaging apps will be the main distribution channels for businesses, and every company should have a chatbot to stay connected with their customers.

Charity Water Chatbot

The first ever charity accepting donations on Messenger. We believe it is one of the simplest ways people can donate on mobile.

We're working every day to reinvent charity while bringing clean drinking water to the 663 million people living without. Join us.

100% of public donations to charity: water go directly to water projects. All operating costs are covered by a group of private donors so every dollar donated by the public will help those in need.

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Makli Restaurant Chatbot

The chatbot allows customers to purchase food items from Makli restaurant. 

In the bot the customer can browse through the restaurant’s menu, select food items of his or her choice, make a payment to the restaurant, and have the food items delivered to them for pickup.

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Haven Life Chatbot

Haven Life is a MassMutual-backed startup that offers an easy online experience for buying high-quality and affordable term life insurance. We’re changing a typically time-consuming and confusing process into one that’s actually simple. The Haven Life Chatbot quickly estimate your Life Insurance Quote.

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Fresh news about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin and ICO.
Instant access to market reports, price info and useful blockchain tools.

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Tomo Chatbot

Save up to 70% on flights around the world.

Tomo is a Facebook Messenger chatbot specialized in getting cheap flights. You can save up to $700 per ticket and it's as simple as a conversation with a friend.

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Omron Healthcare Chatbot

Omron Healthcare with Let's Bots are proud to announce its official Facebook Chatbot on World Heart Day.
Here’s your chance to answer a few simple questions and win exciting prizes.

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Porsche Jobs & Career Chatbot

Recruiting chatbot for hiring at Porsche.

The Porsche Jobs & Career Chatbot gives you information about jobs and open positions at porsche.

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Western Union Chatbot

Transfer money to more than 200 countries around the world.

Facebook Messenger users in the U.S. can send money to more than 200 countries and territories across 130 currencies. 

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Ikea Quiz Bot

This is the awesome Ikea Quiz Game!
The rules are pretty simple: the bot gives you a weird and wonderful name of Ikea product and you need to guess which piece of furniture has it!

Good luck!

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Nordstrom Bot

Chat with Love, Nordstrom to find on-point holiday outfit ideas.

Rate a few looks so we can get a feel for your personal style, then explore pieces and pairings chosen just for you.

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First class chatbot development.
Excellent technical skills and fantastic communication. The work developing my chatbot was outstanding and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

How Let’s Bots
is delivering the future

Let's Bots creates, integrates and promotes chatbots for any modern messaging apps. Also, chatbots for the website, sms or voice assistant like Alexa and Google Home. We will help you and your customers to find each other despite of which platform they are using.
Strategy and planning
Working on company and brand strategy in messengers. Drafting mind map on the stage of planning and preparing text and graphical content, building logic of communication and behavior.
Conversational UI-design
Basis of chatbot communication with customer. Writing script of interaction and developing creative concept. Chatbot have to communicate with customer as a friend, this is the sense of Conversation design.
Chatbot development
On that stage we integrate script, activate API, set parameters, admin panel and statistics. Significant experience and best tools let us to develop smart, fast and easy scaled chatbots.
Support and progress
We always stay with your chatbot 24/7, administrate and edit behavior and script. We suggest not to stop but keep progressing and improve chatbot permanently.
Chatbot marketing
We promote and provide you with loyalty of existent customers and growth of additional audience which comes through new marketing ways of engagement. New means more efficient and cheap, than existent.
NLP & Artificial intelligence
Want to power your chatbot with the NLP & AI solutions? We are using the most powerful developing tools for this. And we are ready to develop for you a really smart chatbot!

New era of communicational
channels…is here

Now, and in the future, the client and the business will be as close to each other as possible through messengers. Chatbots will play an exclusive role in this - intuitively understandable in virtual interlocutors, created for absolutely any business tasks and goals.

Get the ride and become a pioneer among your rivals, make your customers happy!

For this, we’ll create you a perfect chatbot.